We just want our money back, say furious Wicksteed comedy concert ticket holders

Just John Bishop remains of the original announced roster.

Furious ticket holders say they are simply being ignored after asking for a refund for June’s woefully run comedy concert at Wicksteed Park.

The 2021 date has been moved to June 4 this year due to Covid uncertainty, but since then it has been revealed that five of the six main stars will not perform, including hometown hero James Acaster.

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Many ticket holders tried to get a refund, saying they couldn’t attend the rescheduled date or that their favorite comedians they paid to see were no longer on the lineup.

But some remained furious after their repeated requests to ticket sellers and event promoters fell on deaf ears.

Emma Heald, of Corby, bought VIP tickets for her son Jordan and husband Chris as they were big fans of Al Murray.

Tragically, Jordan passed away suddenly in December 2020 at the age of 23. With the new date for the comedic event approaching what would have been her son’s birthday, Emma has sent at least four emails asking for a refund in recent months – but she has yet to receive a response.

She said: “I contacted them to explain my situation to them and I didn’t even get a response. I didn’t hear anything.

“It’s just heartbreaking. Because he was reserved for him (Jordan), I just got him on top of me. I couldn’t put him to bed.”

She has now opened a file with her bank in an attempt to recover the money.

She added: “It’s just disgusting. They’ve had our money for 18 months.”

Gina Christie from Kettering was also among those who bought tickets when they went on sale, buying two VIP tickets priced at £ 85 each to travel to the event with her sister.

She mainly bought the tickets because her hometown hero James Acaster was performing and also because she wanted to support the park, which was struggling financially.

But despite repeated attempts to get her money back, she didn’t even have the courtesy of a response.

She said: “Wicksteed had fundraisers when they were in trouble and I wanted to help them because it’s such a fantastic park and right on my doorstep.

“Part of it was booking Comedy in the Park and I was really excited for it. I thought it would be a brilliant and really special event for the park.

“But because most of the comedians announced won’t be there and the communication about the event has been so bad, I don’t particularly want to go now. It created a bad feeling.”

The event is organized under the Wicksteed Open Air Theater banner by M&B Promotions, with tickets initially sold by EasyTicketing which had a policy of not refunding postponed dates. New ticket sales were then transferred to Gigantic, which offers refunds, but it was too late for those who had already purchased tickets.

Rob Beckett and Judi Love stepped down in August after fearing that ticket holders who couldn’t make it to the revamped date would not be reimbursed, with Off The Curb agents claiming they would not perform at any Comedy events in the Park in 2022 because they did. not agree with a policy of not reimbursing people.

Tom Davis and Al Murray, who had been announced as performing at Wicksteed Park, then distanced themselves from the concert on social media and said they had not been booked for the new postponed dates.

This means that only one of the six comedians featured when tickets first sold – John Bishop – will perform in June. The event’s website says it will be joined by a host of “top comedians”.

The event is currently sold out, according to the ticket sales page on Gigantic, but the full lineup for the rescheduled concert has yet to be confirmed.

A statement released by Wicksteed Open Air Theater last year said they are “working hard to resolve any issues” and hope to announce the final roster in due course. They said full refunds would be offered if the event was canceled, but didn’t believe it would.

And after Wicksteed Park themselves were inundated with complaints, theater bosses made it clear that the mess had nothing to do with those in the park.

Their statement last year said, “We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience caused by the postponement of our events. The majority of ticket holders have been overwhelmingly supportive and understood our position, which we greatly appreciate.

“The decision to postpone the dates for the Wicksteed Park Open Air Theater is ours and has nothing to do with the owners of Wicksteed Park or any of the artists booked for the events.

“We ask all ticket holders to refrain from contacting them directly. We are working closely with our partners to resolve any issues.”

Wicksteed Park, which does not host the events but is paid for the use of its land, had previously apologized to locals.

The M&B and EasyTicketing promotions have been contacted for comments on the reimbursement difficulties of ticket holders. Neither responded.


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