The municipal council will meet on June 14, 2022

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This meeting will be held in person and can be viewed live by the public in person or on the Internet.

This meeting can be viewed live by the public in person or on the Internet at at, on Facebook at or on YouTube at Meetings are rebroadcast on cable and available on demand at

Consent Agenda

The following are on the consent agenda and included in the package:

  • Minutes of the municipal council (24/05/22)
  • Complaints
  • Liquor license
    • Red’s Alehouse (expanded service area for June 25, 2022)
    • LD Express (renewal)
    • Kum & Go (renewal)
    • Sushiya (renewal)
    • Mosley’s (renewal)
    • Casey’s General Store (renewal)
  • Claim #1, Jones Boulevard Extension, Schrader Excavation and Grading, $33,940.03
  • Change Order No. 10 Ranshaw Way Phase 5 Project, Peterson Contractors, $11,505.38
  • Claim #15, Ranshaw Way Phase 5 Project, Peterson Contractors, $269,899.72

Union contracts

The agenda includes two union contracts to review, one with North Liberty police officers and the other with North Liberty police sergeants. The officer’s contract has been in place for over a decade. The proposed agreement includes a 4-year deal with a one-time salary scale adjustment in FY23 of 2.5%, combined with annual salary increases of 2.5%, 2.75%, 3 % and 3% until FY26. Sergeant’s contract is new this year and therefore took a little longer to negotiate. The sergeants requested that their pay be based on a percentage of the highest salary on the officer’s pay scale. As proposed, the salary of a sergeant will vary from 111% to 122% of the salary of the highest officer. Future salary increases for the sergeant will be determined by salary increases in the officer’s union contract. The Sergeant’s proposed contract is for three years, expiring June 30, 2025. Staff recommends approval of both contracts.

Board and commission appointments

The Mayor recommends the following appointments to City Boards and Commissions:

Planning and Zoning Commission: Jason Heisler(i), Josey Bathke(i) and Sheila Geneser

Fit advice: Janet Norton(i)

Parks and Recreation Commission: Jeremy Parrish (i) & Jamie Gade

Tree/Rainwater: Darice Baxter (i) and Mike Burrill (i)

library board: Scott Clemons(i) & Lindsay Bland

Communication advice : Amy Yoty

Cemetery tip: Nicole Tscharner

Appeal Board: Trishul Dahya & Julie Hajek

Dubuque Street Project Easement

As part of the Dubuque Street Phase One project, a small section of Front Street, north of Cherry Street, will be freed up. The northern portion of the area will form part of the new City Hall grounds, and the southern portions of the causeway will serve as access routes for existing businesses. McBallard, LLC, the owner of the property to the west, suggested removing an existing concrete slab at minimal cost to the City.

Staff believe this provides safer parking and will significantly improve the visual aesthetics of the area and the civic campus as a whole. McBallard LLC provided the design work and an easement for the suggested changes at no cost to the City. Staff recommends approval.

I-380 Iowa Department of Transportation Agreement

The Iowa Department of Transportation has provided an amended agreement regarding the rights and responsibilities for ownership and maintenance of traffic signals and streetlights at the Forevergreen Road – I-380 interchange. The amended agreement incorporates specific modifications to the ramp light poles that were requested by the city and accepted by the Iowa DOT, but were not fully documented in the previous agreement. Staff recommends approval.

Report on the 2022 strategic plan and objectives

In March, City Council held a strategic planning and goal setting session where Elizabeth Hansen of Midwest Municipal Consulting assisted City Council in developing goals for the next two years. The final report, which identifies recently completed and ongoing projects, trends, concerns and opportunities within local government and the organization, as well as the City Council’s main objectives for the next two years, is now complete. and included in the file. Staff recommend approval of the document, reinforcing the 2022-2024 goals. Staff will provide regular updates as these priority programs and projects progress.

2022A bond sale

Staff are seeking authority to initiate the sale of 2022 Bonds for an amount not to exceed $9.4 million for the following projects:

Ranshaw Way, Phase 5 (Series 1 of 2) $4,500,000
SW Utility Project $4,300,000
Forever Green Road Trail $120,000
Interest and capitalized costs $480,000

The agenda includes a resolution setting a date for a public hearing to enter into a loan agreement and a resolution approving an engagement letter with the City’s bond attorney. Staff recommends approval of both resolutions. The current schedule calls for a sale date of July 26 and a loan closing date of August 10.

Mobile Catering Units Ordinance, First Reading

This is a staff-initiated ordinance, which would transform current and outdated regulations for temporary outdoor dining establishments into mobile dining units. Mobile catering units include food trucks, food carts and ice cream trucks. Some major challenges with the current order include a maximum of 10 licenses at any given time and a maximum license period of 240 consecutive days. Staff researched other similar ordinances to learn best practices and incorporate northern freedom-centric regulations. There would be no maximum number of licenses and the license period would be per calendar year. In order to minimize duplicate regulations, mobile food units associated with an authorized special event not be required to obtain separate approval. Staff recommends approval of this amendment to the Ordinance.

Watts Group Development, Inc. Rezoning, second reading

Watts Group Development, Inc. is requesting a zoning map change from RS-6 Single-Unit Residence District to RS-9 Single-Unit Residence District – south side of Denison Avenue approximately 450 feet east of the Avenue Brook Ridge – to facilitate the development of many smaller home sites. As construction costs and interest rates rise, staff are expecting denser development demands like this. Staff generally favor increasing density in areas where utilities are available if the development is compatible with the surrounding area. If approved, this would allow The Preserve to add to the range of housing types offered in the development. A good neighbor meeting was held on April 14, 2022. Someone outside of City staff and the requester attended and were just curious about the nature of the request. The Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of the application at its May 3 meeting. Staff also recommends approval.

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