‘She needs help’: Ohio native charged again with faking cancer diagnosis

CINCINNATI (WXIX) — An Adams County native is facing charges in Georgia after faking a cancer diagnosis, allegedly the second time she has done so.

Jessica Krecskay was convicted in Kenton County in 2019 of collecting nearly $15,000 claiming to have cancer.

Krecskay raised funds from colleagues at a weight loss company where she worked from 2013 to 2017, telling them she was dying of ovarian cancer that had metastasized. She was open about her diagnosis and even shaved her head.

Krecskay’s colleagues became suspicious after she passed out on the job. Security video confirmed she simply lay on the floor and was even texting her phone moments before her colleagues found her.

A former friend said Krecskay used the money to take a trip to Disney with his family. The friend recalled Krecskay telling her the trip would be her last vacation because she only had a few days to live.

A Kenton County judge sentenced Krecskay in September 2019 to 60 days in jail and five years probation.

“I was incredibly angry,” Alison Chestnut, a former friend and high school classmate of Krecskay, said Wednesday. “It happened right after I lost a friend to cervical cancer.”

In early March, Krecskay, surnamed Pizutto, was arrested in Columbia County, Georgia on similar charges.

Court documents claim Krecskay got a free week of PTO and asked his co-workers to give him gift cards, various items and possibly monetary donations after telling them his son was diagnosed with cancer in May 2021.

The colleagues contacted the police after someone sent them an anonymous email saying that Krecskay had already done so.

“With the conviction in Kenton County and the new charges, does it really make you wonder if it was all so wrong?” said Chestnut.

Chestnut remembers Krecskay missing a lot of days in high school. “She would come back and tell us how sick she is with Chron’s disease or different ailments.”

There is no evidence that Krecskay ever had cancer or Chron’s disease, according to the Kenton County District Attorney’s Office.

“We would be in the middle of the class and she would pass out,” Chestnut continued. “Whenever she passed out, it was always somewhere like at a desk or somewhere where when her head fell, she didn’t fall straight to the floor.”

Chestnut says Krecskay didn’t ask her high school classmates for donations, but now doubts she was ever really sick.

“She needs help,” she said. “I personally feel like she’s not going to stop.”

Kenton County Attorney Rob Sanders is working with Georgia law enforcement on the investigation. If the allegations are true, Sanders says his office will seek to revoke Krecskay’s probation and send him to prison.

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