Seahawks shouldn’t trade for Julio Jones and here’s why

The Seahawks are unlikely to trade for receiver Julio Jones. Jones has reportedly been linked with Seattle for several days now. But to be fair, he’s been linked with a lot of teams. Who wouldn’t want such a fantastic receiver. And a Hall of Fame catcher on top of that.

Jones only played 9 games last year. But that really shouldn’t be a sign that he’ll be missing a ton of games in the future. Yes, he’s 32 but he’s never been a purely speed-oriented catcher. He knows how to use his 6’3 ″ height to open up. Jones would be a great possession receiver and not just a downline target.

But before playing just 9 games in 2020, Jones hasn’t missed more than two games in a season since 2013. Most likely, Jones will play at least 15 games (the NFL season is now 17 games, so missing two of them would mean a player is playing 15) and being very good. But it won’t be with his current team, the Atlanta Falcons, either.

Seahawks don’t need Julio Jones

And it shouldn’t be with the Seahawks. While it’s intriguing to think that Russell Wilson has a receiving corps made up of Julio Jones, DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, Wilson already has good targets and adds that Jones adds and spends money for a player in a position. which is not really a priority. at present.

Lockett, Metcalf, recent draft D’Wayne Eskridge, tight ends Will Dissly and Gerald Everett are very good on their own and don’t need another receiver added to the mix no matter how good that receiver may be. be awesome.

The Seahawks, according to Over the Cap, currently have $ 7.255 million of ceiling space. In fact, they don’t have to spend all of that. The list is good enough to win a lot of matches as is. But if the Seahawks were going to spend some of that money, it would be wiser to spend it on someone like Richard Sherman at the cornerback than a receiver. Seattle has a far greater need in high school than it does for weapons for Russell Wilson.

And while Julio Jones will be a Hall of Fame member in the first round, he’s never produced touchdowns at a rate you’d expect. Only 7.1% of Jones’ 848 career receptions went for touchdowns. He has only managed 10 or more touchdowns once in a season (2012). Tyler Lockett, by comparison, has seen 9.8% of his 376 career catches end in points.

So the addition of Julio Jones might not mean more direct points for the Seahawks; He can only more passing yards. David Moore, by no means as good as Julio Jones, has 13 touchdown receptions in 78 career catches. It’s 16.6 percent.

And Jones was not to be Matt Ryan’s only target in Atlanta. Calvin Ridley is really good too. And Ridley has 26 touchdown catches in 217 career catches, 12% of the time.

My overall point here is not that Julio Jones is not a good receiver because he is not. He is a awesome recipient. But adding him to the Seahawks won’t necessarily add more wins, just better stats for Russell Wilson. Seattle has more needs than adding another receiver.

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