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Weeks later, police in Douglas County, Georgia, warned that crooks were trying to use prop money for business transactions. Sometimes criminals would put real money on prop money for a seemingly legitimate stack. They said the illegal use of prop money has been a problem in the past in this area west of Atlanta.

Last week, crooks victimized a Fall City, Wash., Grocery store by successfully spending a $ 100 bill with “For Money From Copying Movies” written on the front. The county sheriff’s office said the bill was used to buy gasoline, cigarettes and Laffy Taffy, and get $ 67.97 in change.

By law, ancillary money must have a prominent impression that makes it easily identifiable as not being legal tender, so it may appear that its illegal use is rare.

In fact, ancillary currency has become the most commonly used counterfeit currency today, according to the U.S. Secret Service. In 2019, the keepers of the currency conducted a public information campaign to warn retailers of the threat and encourage them to examine the money before accepting it.

Like many modern problems, this one can be attributed to technology, especially advancements in printing and copying, and the Internet for sale and distribution.

You can buy $ 500,000 in fully printed $ 100 silver prop tickets online that have been aged to a realistic look and bundled with bank bands for just $ 1,300. Possessing it is not illegal. Just don’t try to spend it which is a felony and possibly a federal crime.

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