Money Heist Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: Pillow Talk

Money theft

Pillow talk

Season 5

Episode 9

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We pick up where we left off: the professor and the rest of the foundry team absorbing the reality of a theft. Once everyone has cut their ties, the Professor swings into action, handing out Kevlar vests and pistols and setting off with the rest of the crew in pursuit of the trucks. Once they determine via GPS trackers that they are parked in a nearby quarry, the professor communicates by radio to Lisbon and Palermo to break the bad news. The trucks are indeed at the quarry… but they are completely empty, so that the robbers unloaded 90 tonnes of gold in half an hour. Palermo realizes who all the evidence points to. Still, the professor won’t believe it. Of course, Tatiana was around during their plot at the monastery, but she only knew the target, and Palermo was blocking the plans every night. Palermo and Lisbon both need to remind the teacher that PEOPLE TALK IN BED. And when Berlin spoke (apparently) Tatiana listened very carefully. In a hut at the quarry, the professor finds a video of the entrances to the reservoirs; as soon as Tatiana’s crew saw the trucks come in, they knew they had only eight to ten hours left before they left, loaded. The professor visualizes what they did by inspecting the tire tracks and can tell that they dropped the ingots into a few dump trucks and covered them with sand to hide them in plain sight.

Tatiana and Rafael’s plan is, of course, despicable for being so parasitic, but the most compulsive in me might be the most offended by the sight of all the carefully stacked gold bars left in such a haphazard mess.

The professor ultimately decides that everyone needs to know the state of play and explains the situation to the rest of the gang. Lisbon adds that the hostages and the cops cannot find out that they have lost the gold or that they are burnt out. The teacher then asks everyone not to panic; they will recover the gold and extract the gang from the bank. The Tokyo narrative reads: “It was the first time the professor said something that no one believed.” This may not be true for someone whose plans are so grandiose, but the emotions are high and Tokyo is dead, so I guess I won’t try too hard to verify this one.

The next phase of the plan is for Marseille to bring in a small team to strike the professor’s command post, burn papers and load equipment, and for Rio to hack traffic cameras looking for the dump trucks. They soon realize that they are actually looking at a loop of old footage (the roads are wet, but it rained the day before, so was a significant weather event, but not for the reason I expected); the technical know-how required for this also tells the professor that Rafael is likely involved. The assumption is that if the thieves messed up the feed on this particular road, they used it, and since it’s a ring road, they don’t try to get gold anywhere; they must have buried him.

This assumption is correct. With the dump trucks emptied and the hole filled, Rafael and Tatiana not only oversee the parking of a prefabricated house above, but the setting to make it look like it’s been there forever …

… By adding a slab walkway, grass, a fence, flower beds, a doghouse, a DOG * and even an integrated sprinkler system. Tatiana and Rafael cackle away.

Meanwhile, at the bank, Arteche disables the last of the gang’s charges as we get a mini-flashback of Sagasta’s plan; the surgeons admitted to treat Vázquez are also soldiers so that they can participate in his secret mission. Tamayo sends his staff to hide in blind spots and wait for Arteche’s signal. There is a slight delay when Palermo walks into the library to deal with Helsinki’s expectations of checkout. Palermo may doubt its ability to keep its promise to get out of Helsinki, but Helsinki does not… which, unfortunately, is the kick-off for Operation Trojan Horse. Vázquez is faking a crisis. Surgeons are asking Palermo to release them from their zippers to treat what they say is a probable subdural hematoma. Then Artèche comes out of the conduits and falls on Palermo’s back. Palermo yells at Helsinki to shoot Arteche and the surgeons, but Helsinki – apparently too upset that Arteche is killing Palermo before Helsinki can kill her – surrenders. Arteche alerts Tamayo over the radio that Sagasta is free and responsible, and the guys at Tamayo blow up the doors to the cargo bay and lobby, as well as the large windows above the main entrance. The gang members are captured one and two at a time (Rio is shot in the shoulder during his arrest); everyone ends up in a circle in the hall; and Sagasta reports that the gang fell without causing casualties on either side. There was a one night flashback during the planning phase where everyone except the professor and Nairobi were drinking outside, and the professor came out to yell at them not to have the temper to stay focused during high stress. ; The Tokyo voiceover tells us that the gang lost attention that day because they were desperate to lose the gold and their faith in their leader. It’s a raison Palermo has turned its back on Sagasta and the hostages, but that’s certainly no excuse!

Anyway, Tamayo swells to enter the bank, take Lisbon’s radio and gloat at the professor, who doesn’t believe it until Lisbon confirms they’re all alive, but on their knees. The professor tells Tamayo that he promised himself that he would go down with them if the gang fell. As a gentleman, will Tamayo accept his surrender so that the professor can come out handcuffed with his comrades? I don’t know if it’s both the nobility of Tamayo and the number of witnesses that makes Tamayo agree, but he does, ordering the hostages kept in the library for now. On the road, Sierra demands to know if the professor is trying to be a hero or a martyr. Or. They still have a chance if he joins the gang, but he needs Sierra to take the rest of his foundry team and find the gold. As she laughs bitterly at the thought, he reminds her that he was the most wanted man on earth, but only she found him, within hours, when he was nine months pregnant. I think they must write down his extremely recent work in dialogue because you would NEVER know it had happened a few hours earlier if you looked at his COMPLETELY FLAT BELLY. **

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Convinced, Sierra reaches out to shake …

… But the professor hugs her instead – her first since her husband died, she said, and her first real smile, too. He also has another favor to ask of him, but just make a mental note; we do not yet know what it is. Considering his obligations, she better hopes that he won’t try to borrow money.

Then the professor must requisition a vehicle to return to Madrid. Fortunately, the driver is a fan; even more fortunately, the car – a beautifully preserved red Beetle – really pops up as the Professor drives it through a crowd of red-clad supporters.

Tamayo, the governor, and a few other top cops enter the vault and drive to confirmation that all of Spain’s gold stash is gone. Since the economy will collapse once it goes public that Spain has no more guarantees, Tamayo orders one of his men to fire intermittent bursts upstairs to make it sound like that the gang still owns the bank.

I don’t know how long they will be able to maintain this illusion now that the professor has arrived? As he slowly approaches the bank, we hear what Tokyo told him at the end of the night he yelled at them all: that the gang implicitly trust him. “You will have a trump card up your sleeve. You will do a magic trick. This is why we are going back to the lion’s den. Even though they point a ton of guns at us. Because we believe in you. Like a mantra. You are our faith. We are confident that if all else fails, we will always have you. No matter how badly things go, even though they’ve beaten us, even though it seems like there’s no hope, like we’re almost dead, we’ll always believe. We know we will always have the teacher.

We won’t, because the next episode is THE SERIES FINALE. Come back to find out how many aces the professor still has up his sleeve.

• We join Denver and Stockholm after coitus as he confirms he wants to stay with her. I try to care about their relationship after that striptease silliness last time around, but that’s where they end up… before they get caught with everyone, of course.

• * We better see evidence that a member of this team has been assigned to move into the house, or I’m going to be way too worried about Elvis the dog.

• ** Sierra isn’t the only miraculous physical recovery from the episode. As the professor walks into the bank we get a photo of his left shoe to remind us that it’s still split, but apparently the way it splits isn’t a problem anymore as he doesn’t even limp a whole lot. a bit.

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