LETTER: Health care and education need more money than Ontario drivers

Prime Minister misses the point when he refunds driver’s license sticker fees and plows wetlands and farmland to build highways, letter writer says

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Regarding: Letter to the editor: License plate sticker reimbursement shows appallingly skewed prioritiesApril 29, 2022

I agree with Anne Keith’s letter to the editor regarding driver’s license reimbursement. Great point, Anne, if you can afford a car, you can afford the payments like license sticker renewal.

Premier Doug Ford lacks everything. Yes, more money needs to be invested in so many of the bigger issues listed by Anne, including health care, and I would say education and post COVID-19 recovery and helping young children get jobs. My two children lost their jobs during COVID.

I agree, why build an unnecessary 413 Highway and Bradford Bypass? We are in a climate crisis and we need to get serious about climate change now! And to think that no government blinks the thought of plowing up farmland and important wetlands and thinking in the future about how this highway will pollute Lake Simcoe and its tributaries. Not to mention its impact on human health, fisheries and wildlife habitats.

We need more people like Anne to voice their opinions. I agree with Anne, and you? Pass it.

MJ Hanley, Senior Environmental Health and Safety Scientist, Georgina

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