Instant loan app operators suspected of being behind the spread of a derogatory photo of a married woman

Police say app operators may have had access to a photo of the woman through a lender’s gallery the app had access to

Police say app operators may have had access to a photo of the woman through a lender’s gallery the app had access to

In another case of harassment by alleged operators of instant loan apps in Kerala, a married woman and mother of one in Thrissur contacted the police to complain about the dissemination of her disparagingly transformed photo on social networks.

A review of her mobile phone revealed that a photo taken with her colleagues at her workplace, and which she had set as her WhatsApp profile, was being misused. Police summoned a man pictured and also examined his mobile phone out of suspicion despite his protests that he was not the kind of character who would engage in such questionable actions.

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Potential blackmail scheme

Upon further investigation, police found that the man had installed an instant loan app on his mobile phone. It emerged that he had taken a loan of Rs. 10,000 twice and repaid it with interest both times.

“The loan apps are designed in such a way that the repayment never reflects in their accounts and they keep harassing loanees from different mobile numbers to keep paying and threatening consequences if they don’t. ‘not execute,’ a police officer linked to social media said. police cell.

Police came across similarly morphed images with threatening messages on his mobile phone, leading them to conclude that lending app operators were likely behind the morphed image as well. of the woman. “It is a common ploy of these lending apps to access the gallery and full contact lists with contact profile pictures on the mobile of loanees when they install the app. Later they use this blackmail tool and send such morphed images to family members and friends urging them to ask the lender to pay as a name and shame strategy.In this case, a woman who has nothing to do with the loan ended up as a victim,” the officer said. The case is currently being investigated by the Cybercrime Police Station.

Almost impossible to follow

However, the police admit that it is almost impossible to trace the accused because very often these instant loan app operators do not use mobile phones or bank accounts using their own credentials, but the buy cheaply from the original owners with little awareness of the consequences of such a law. The police track the cell phone number and bank account using the original KYC (Know Your Customer) only to find themselves in a bind upon realizing that they are now being used by other people of whom little was known. The only thing to avoid falling into such a trap is to raise awareness of the hidden dangers associated with these loan apps, the officer said.

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