Cubs fans to Jed Hoyer: when will the team pull the winning levers?

Jed Hoyer walked away from his media tour on Monday and went straight to the fans, sitting down with Boog Sciambi and season ticket holders in a Q&A outside Wrigley Field.

Hoyer’s message was largely the same as his recent media stops, when he conducted separate interviews with reporters from beat and 670 The Score and ESPN 1000.

Among the topics covered in Monday’s Q&A, which aired on Marquee Network, were no specific answers to the team’s competitive schedule, who will or won’t be there for the Cubs’ next big team or what they’re going to do the next offseason.

Hoyer discussed the “levers” the Cubs have pulled in their last competitive cycle — from pure winning moves now to long free-agent commitments to trade prospects.

“When you look at the moves that we made this [past] off season, we pulled a bunch of levers that we think could help us win now and help us in the future,” Hoyer said.

“But we haven’t pulled some of those levers that we think could get in the way of what we think is a great future and the next great Cubs team.”

A fan later asked when the Cubs would be able to pull those levers again.

“For me, it’s just about trying to make one right decision after another,” Hoyer said. “You build it brick by brick.

“If we make one good decision after another, I think it will happen quickly. But at the same time, you want to build it the right way. My goal is to build something really special and take the lessons we learned last time and apply them.

“What I don’t want to do is change that and look back and build something good. We are the Cubs and we can be better than that.

Other takeaways from the Q&A:

• Hoyer again avoided labeling the Cubs’ current state as a rebuild, instead pointing to what the Cubs are looking to build toward.

“For me, it’s not about labeling it,” Hoyer said. “It’s about talking about what we’re trying to accomplish. And what we’re trying to accomplish is build this really healthy organizational base of young players so that we can go forward and really be great.

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• Hoyer recalled the state of the Cubs ten years ago, when he and Theo Epstein took over the front office, and the difference in the organizational infrastructure today compared to then.

“We didn’t have the technology, the people or the processes to be a big organization,” Hoyer said. ” It’s no longer the case now. We’ve invested in all of those things, thanks to the Ricketts. We have great people here and great processes. We are always trying to improve.

“But in terms of building an entire organization, that’s not where we’re at. At this stage, for us, it’s about putting together a group of young players and then building around them.”

• Hoyer reiterated that he is not concerned about the resources available to the front office.

“I know the money will be there at the right time,” Hoyer said. “If you go back to 2013 and ’14, we didn’t have a very high payroll. As we were winning and needed to press the financial accelerator pedal, we were able to do that.

“I know we can do it again.”

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