Ernest Decker

Newsom wins California recall election: live updates

SACRAMENTO – A Republican-led bid to recall Governor Gavin Newsom of California ended in defeat on Tuesday night, as Democrats in the country’s most populous state closed ranks against a small grassroots movement that s ‘is accelerated with the spread of Covid-19. Voters have asserted their support for Mr Newsom, …

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Can an SMSF buy land and build?

SMSFs can be complex beasts, so it’s no surprise that the rules around them for purchasing land and buildings are the same. If you are looking for investment options for your SMSF, you might think that building a house is a solid strategy. Find out if it can be done …

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Democrats plan to tax share buybacks and partnerships

The finance committee is also looking at changing the rules that large business partnerships have used to avoid taxation and evade Internal Revenue Service audits. Congress wrote the rules when partnerships were dominated by small businesses, such as doctor’s offices. But increasingly, partnerships are large companies or subsidiaries of large …

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