What is a personal loan?

In which cases can one contract this kind of credit? What are the possible limits of this device? Zoom on a widespread practice.

The personal loan falls into the category of consumer credit. Like all borrowing operations, this initiative has a cost: it depends on the rate that applies, hence the interest of performing several simulations before making its decision. The comparison between two offers of credit is relatively simple: usually, it is recommended to look at the APR (annual percentage rate of charge). The latter includes all mandatory fees and interest.

On a personal loan, the rate is fixed. In this sense, the amount of monthly repayment and duration are predefined elements, which makes it easy to project. It is important to note that the longer a repayment period is, the more expensive the transaction will be. Without getting in trouble, it remains best to make short loans.

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You make a request based on the amount you need and the duration, and you receive a response as soon as possible!

To obtain a personal loan onlineyou have to start by doing a simulation and then send your application file. You will be asked for proof to prove your identity, your domiciliation but also your income. Indeed, a loan costs money, the lending agency is entitled to make sure that you have the required repayment capacity (especially when you place on large sums). In principle, this credit is appreciated because it does not require proof of expenses. In short, customers do not need to say why they borrow, they have money as they wish, they plan a wedding, a big party, the purchase of high-tech equipment, the choice of a new car or any other dream to come true.

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Consumers often wish to take out a personal loan without proof

This approach is possible, provided you understand the evidence that an organization can ask you, and those that you can do without!

A personal loan without proofis always possible. But you have to understand that when you talk about this practice, you simply mean that consumers do not have to explain why they need such a large amount of money. For example, when borrowing to finance a vehicle, there is no obligation to transmit the invoice of the car garage to the credit organization. Similarly, you can ask for a loan without expressing any reason whatsoever. However, proof is still necessary to consolidate the file and ensure its repayment capacity. In this sense, a serious loan company will necessarily require an identity document, papers that attest to your latest income and documents related to your other loans (if any).