Registration on payday loan pages

Registration in the lender’s system is a compulsory stage in applying for payday loans. The procedure is combined with completing the online application, so it only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is provide the necessary details (including phone number and e-mail address) and send your application. Then we will receive an email and an SMS with a code or password, which must be entered in the field indicated by the lender on the website. In this way, we finish registration and gain access to our individual customer profile.

Customer profile – what is this for?

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The most important reason for creating a customer profile on a non-banking company website is the ability to manage the payday loan yourself. From the account level, we can control the repayment date of the loan or extend the time for donating money. We can also change, e.g. address, account number, telephone number or other data that will be modified during the term of the contract – so we do not have to waste time contacting the Customer Service. The customer profile is also used to apply for another payday loan – of course, when we repay the previous one (at the same time we can have only one loan activated). The customer profile also shows rebates awarded as part of the loyalty program (if the lender does so).

Registration and refusal

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It is worth remembering one thing – registering in the loan company system and creating your own user account is not tantamount to granting payday pay. So what happens to the profile when the lender negatively examines our application? When we receive a negative decision, our account will be deleted. This is a mandatory step on the part of a non-banking company, because it has no right to use our data, since we are ultimately not its customer. This results from the Act on the protection of personal data, according to which the lender must take all actions necessary so that our data does not fall into the wrong hands, and thus – they are not modified, lost or used unlawfully.

Registration on the pages of the payday loans step by step

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Wisemen Credit portal has prepared a video advice section for you – How to take loans online. Over time, the website will be enriched with further instructional videos from the registration process on the websites of loan companies. See how easy it is to register at Monga, Register at Get Credit or Register at VAVUS.