Loan for Portia apartment – why does the bank refuse?

To obtain a loan for an apartment in Kolbuszowa , a loan for an apartment in Portia or other places, you must meet a number of conditions. If something is wrong, the bank has the right to refuse a loan and usually does. What situations are we talking about?

Refusal to grant a loan – monthly income is of great importance!

Refusal to grant a loan - monthly income is of great importance!

The bank (or other financial institution) refuses to grant a mortgage (and not only) in cases of creditworthiness. This decision may be influenced by too high calculated loan installment (in the case of a loan for an apartment, this amount often exceeds PLN 1,000).

If the installment exceeds 50% or 65% (the threshold recommended by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority) of monthly income, this eliminates the chance for a positive consideration of the application. Perhaps you are surprised that you did not receive a loan, and a colleague with a lower salary, yes.

The bank takes into account not only the installment, but all liabilities. Perhaps you have other loans or expensive car maintenance, or high fees for your current flat.

Other liabilities at banks? Think about consolidation!


Perhaps the obstacle to getting a loan are other financial liabilities to banks or financial institutions. It will be difficult to pay them off immediately, but you can think about consolidating them.

Portia consolidation – what is it? You can learn the details by reading one of our articles: Portia / consolidation-Portia-really-pays-check /. This is, in many cases, a beneficial solution, so you should consider them.

Employment contract – is this a decisive factor?

And yes and no – it all depends on the policy of the facility where you apply for a Portia mortgage or other type of loan. It seems that the worst situation is people running a business – including the prosperous one. Many certificates and documents are required of them, which becomes cumbersome and often discourages from taking a loan. In many branches it is appreciated that the business activity has been conducted for at least a year or even two. It should be noted that for activities based mainly on cooperation with the former employer, a period of 6 or 9 months is accepted). It is important that in the case of full-time work experience was at least 3 or 6 months.

Loan for Portia apartment – take it with us!

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