Jim Hightower: Your Dog Knows Better Than Letting the GOP ‘Fix’ Our Postal System | Chroniclers

It was surprising when Donald Trump said he would make repairing the U.S. Postal Service one of the top personal priorities of his four-year White House adventure. However, it quickly became apparent that he was using the word “fix” the same way your vet uses it when you bring your dog.

Yes, Trump was saying, “Let’s fix this puppy,” and he wasted an inordinate amount of his presidential power and prestige in an unsuccessful attempt to incapacitate an agency that literally delivers for the people. Think about it: for a 55-cent stamp, the amazing American postmen and letter carriers will pick up your mail and deliver it by truck, car, plane, boat, motorcycle, mule – and, of course, on foot – to any address. . across town or across the country. The post is a functioning public system; it is both essential and effective. Indeed, the U.S. Postal Service ranks at the top of federal agencies in popularity, with 91% of the public approving its work. So an uproar of protests (including from Republicans) spread across the country, killing Trump’s attempt to gut the agency.

However, when it comes to bad public policy, failure is just one way of saying, “Let’s try out the back door.” Trump was defeated, but he left behind an indiscriminate Postmaster General named Louis DeJoy, who only had two qualifications for the post: he was a Trump megadonator, and he was a peer of corporate powers who wanted to privatize the postal service for a long time. In March, before Joe Biden’s new presidency took over the postal system, DeJoy went through the back door with his own “ten-year plan” to fix the agency.

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