How to find a suitable loan broker

The credit intermediary selects a suitable provider for you, arranges favorable terms with it, and then you come to the ready. You don’t have to compare offers from different banking and non-banking institutions, and you can be sure that an expert will do it for you.

The easiest way to do this is to contact a financial adviser. You can also find various advertisements on the Internet and also on posters near public transport stops. But avoid it in principle and always look for reviews on the Internet .

An honest broker will help you make a bargain loan

An honest broker will help you make a bargain loan

According to the Safe Credit Navigator survey, reported by, intermediaries are often approached by people who realize they could fly usurers.
This is exactly what an honest broker should offer. It works only with proven providers and you do not have to worry about getting into the clutches of the loan predator.

Trust, but check

Even in this field, however, there are many fraudsters who are looking for profit at any cost and a non-bank loan can cost you a lot. According to the NBU, you will pay up to five thousand crowns for the services of an intermediary, which, with an average loan of CZK 50,000, makes a tenth of the extra amount.

Rogue intermediaries often use three other tricks. At least two of them will reveal themselves in the contract, so do not underestimate its reading.

Trick # 1: They’re counting on not reading the contract

Intermediaries are approached by people who are afraid they may not understand the credit agreement. They assume that if they hire an expert, they get an advantageous loan without having to read stacks of papers. It is this approach that fraudsters bet. If their customers do not want to read contracts, they will most likely not read the one they sign with them. It is usually full of various loops.

Trick # 2: Services end with applying

Consolidation Loan

This trick is closely linked to the first. If you merely flip your eyes with the broker, you may also sign that the broker does not guarantee the loan.
The job of an intermediary, for which you have paid several thousand, is simply to apply for a loan. It is also a common practice for an intermediary to submit an application in such a amount that it is clear in advance that your application will not pass. However, according to the contract, he has already done his job and is entitled to a reward.

Trick # 3: They cooperate with usurers or are themselves

It is not uncommon for a dishonest intermediary to cooperate with a dishonest creditor. In some cases, it is even the same person, and you pay unnecessarily twice. In addition, your non-bank loan can be quite disadvantageous. This tactic is most often used by moneylenders who want to give the customers an impression of solidity.

Do you really need it?
We think that intermediary services are often unnecessary. Verified lenders will be happy to provide you with several easy-to-understand bidding options, and the contract will go through sentence by sentence.
However, if you still need a broker, choose one that doesn’t require prepay. Do not avoid reading the contract for your own safety.