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Illinois Regulator Releases Predatory Loan Prevention Act Regulatory Proposal; lawsuits filed to block the implementation of the database reporting requirement of the law and for the declaration The law does not apply to pawn shops | Ballard Spahr srl

In March 2021, Illinois Governor Pritzker signed in law SB 1792, which contains the Predatory Lending Prevention Act (the “Act”). The new law came into effect upon signing, notwithstanding the authority it confers on the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (“IDFPR”) to adopt rules “in accordance with the …

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Consumers buy cornflakes on credit

June 1, StatsSA announced that the country’s unemployment rate continued to worsen, hitting 32.6% for the first time since the study was launched in 2008. Among young people, the figure is much worse, hovering around 46 %. Caused by the ravages of the pandemic where millions of people have lost …

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More transparency needed in the lending sector –

A startup founder called for more transparency in the rapidly changing loan claims space. In recent years, thousands of people who have taken on high cost payday loans, guarantor loans and other loans have been able to claim thousands of pounds on past loans that they could not afford. pay. …

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