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Getting a bachelor’s degree takes commitment and effort, and it usually doesn’t come cheap. Nonetheless, there is an amazing range of jobs that require a four-year college or university degree, but pay relatively low salaries.

Stacker compiled a list of the lowest paying jobs that require a bachelor’s degree using data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 150 gallery jobs have been retained for the gallery. BLS 2021 Professional Manual who cite a bachelor’s degree as the typical education required for an entry-level position. Jobs are ranked based on the median annual income for 2020. Employment projections are also BLS. Jobs with “all others” in the name were excluded because they were aggregates of multiple jobs and wage data is not accurate for a specific job.

Many of the low-paying jobs are in the media information field, including as editors, journalists, correspondents and proofreaders who rely on their training for their analytical and editorial skills. Other jobs are aimed at serving the community. Members of the clergy help guide their congregations, while social workers organize foster families and find services and support for drug addicts.

However, the largest sector on the list of lowest-paying jobs is education, which includes special education teachers, elementary school teachers, vocational teachers, and middle school teachers. and high schools. These jobs not only require a bachelor’s degree, but enormous amounts of patience, kindness, and good humor.

So while this list may feature some low paying jobs, there are plenty of opportunities for creativity and compassion to shine.

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